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Service & Leadership

Service & Leadership: Courses

2017 - Present

AOPA Member

As a professional pilot and certified flight instructor, being a member of AOPA allows you to always be aware of changes in the industry, access to various training material, opportunities to encourage students to pursue a career in the aviation industry, and much more.

I have used this membership to continue to improve my skills as a pilot and instructor as well as find opportunities and materials that could be helpful to my students, 

Summer 2016 - Summer 2020

Able Flight Coordinator

This program is a union between Purdue University's flight program and the non-profit organization Able Flight. Through this program I have become an integral member of the organization at Purdue as the main coordinator of the program. ​

Some of the responsibilities I have include: 

  • Coordinate lodging, airplane arrivals and departures, student arrival and departures, car permits, food court access.

  • Communicate with instructors, maintenance technicians, owners, and Purdue faculty/staff to resolve any issues with airplanes, students, or fuel.​

  • Attend local events and perform interviews/presentations to promote and increase awareness of the program.

2018 - Present

Purdue Flight Operations Hiring Committee

2018 - 2020: As a member of the hiring committee, I am responsible for looking through resumes and cover letters, interviewing applicants, and helping with the final decision.

2021 - Present: As chair of the hiring committee, I am responsible for ensuring the hiring process continues efficiently and without delay, management of applicant paperwork, communication plans, setting up interviews, etc. 

2017 - Present

Purdue Air Race Classic Team: Faculty Advisor

Through this position I am in charge of ensuring the ARC team meets all the requirements of the university to be categorized as a student organization. Further, I am responsible to help the team communicate and help resolve issues with the university or the ARC National organization. Lastly, as the race occurs, I am responsible to coordinate any aircraft malfunctions and travel requests. 

September 2021 - September 2022

PALDT - Purdue Association of Learning Design & Technology

As a leadership member of this organization, I have helped to organize and facilitate various events and sessions that target the LDT graduate students. These sessions provide information for success in the program, resources for the students, and other items relating to student success.

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