Service & Leadership


2017 - Present

AOPA Member

As a professional pilot and certified flight instructor, being a member of AOPA allows you to always be aware of changes in the industry, access to various training material, opportunities to encourage students to pursue a career in the aviation industry, and much more.

I have used this membership to continue to improve my skills as a pilot and instructor as well as find opportunities and materials that could be helpful to my students, 

Summer 2016 - Present

Able Flight Coordinator

This program is a union between Purdue University's flight program and the non-profit organization Able Flight. Through this program I have become an integral member of the organization at Purdue as the main coordinator of the program. ​

Some of the responsibilities I have include: 

  • Coordinate lodging, airplane arrivals and departures, student arrival and departures, car permits, food court access.

  • Communicate with instructors, maintenance technicians, owners, and Purdue faculty/staff to resolve any issues with airplanes, students, or fuel.​

  • Attend local events and perform interviews/presentations to promote and increase awareness of the program.

2018 - Present

Purdue Flight Operations Hiring Committee

As a member of the hiring committee, I am responsible for looking through resumes and cover letters, interviewing applicants, and helping with the final decision.

2017 - Present

Purdue Air Race Classic Team: Faculty Advisor

Through this position I am in charge of ensuring the ARC team meets all the requirements of the university to be categorized as a student organization. Further, I am responsible to help the team communicate and help resolve issues with the university or the ARC National organization. Lastly, as the race occurs, I am responsible to coordinate any aircraft malfunctions and travel requests. 


Graduate Organization Participation

I have not participated in any graduate positions at this point. Once I do, I will update this page.

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