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My LDT Experience

My LDT Experience: Text

My experiences in LDT have been limited to class projects in both my Master's and PhD studies. From these projects only two of them have been able to be applied in the "real world." Although I've had minimal experience with working on projects from direct clients, I have learned much from it too. 

From these projects I have acquired various skills. These include how to conduct analyses (student, organization, environment, job), design and develop courses, and the use of various models. In addition I've learned to understand various learning theories and how to apply them. 

In addition, through the various analyses that I've conducted, I've been able to consider the ethical and legal considerations of a project. Further, I've had minimal experience considering the various human and social aspects of projects, like the stakeholders, budgets, and other issues. 

I hope that through my continued studies in my PhD I will be able to learn more skills that will help me become an instructional designer. 

My LDT Experience: Text
My LDT Experience: Text
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