My Research Information

Research Interests 

Currently I have two research interests, one being competency-based education and the second being human performance technology & project management. As my background is in aviation, these interests are aligned with the aviation industry or aviation education.

Research Skills

Through my graduate studies I've been able to acquire various skills that are important for research. These skills include: searching for literature and writing literature reviews, writing research proposals, and process to create a methodology that fits the research questions. Although I've learned these skills, I still need to improve them further. In addition, I still need to learn other important skills that include data analysis, data collection for qualitative studies, writing IRB proposals and writing papers for publishing. I hope that through my studies in the PhD program, I will be able to improve and acquire research skills. One of my goals is to participate with my fellow classmates and/or professors in research projects, or at least class projects, to learn more research skills. 

Research Projects

At the current time I have not participated in any research projects that are related to my interests. I have however, done various class projects that have helped improve my research skills.  More information on these projects can be found in the page below.