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My Research Information

Research Interests 

Currently I have two research interests, one being competency-based education and mastery learning and the second being human performance improvement. Through these two main interests, I am looking at micro-credentials for job skills acquisition and learning. As my background is in aviation, I hope to use my research to see how micro-credentials can be used to help pilots in general aviation stay proficient and legal with FAA requirements.

​Research Skills

Through my graduate studies I've been able to acquire various skills that are important for research. These skills include: searching for literature and writing literature reviews, writing research proposals, and process to create a methodology that fits the research questions. I am learning to write manuscripts for publication and how to conduct data collection and data analysis. Also, I’m learning to work collaboratively with research groups for writing manuscripts for publication. ​

Research Projects

I am starting to work in a research project with a few other PhD students regarding personalized learning in online environments for workplace adult learners. This project is still in its beginning stages as we’re in search of literature for our review.

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