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About Lucero Duran Trinidad

I was born in Mexico and had my first childhood years there. When I was nine years old, my family moved to Lafayette, IN where I continued my childhood and now adulthood. After graduating from the local high school, Lafayette Jefferson High School, I attended Purdue University for my Bachelor's degree in the Professional Flight Program.

Through this program I attained my pilot licenses and certified flight instructor ratings. Once I started instructing, I realized that I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. It is for this reason, that one of my initial goals is to learn more about how to better prepare students and also becoming a better instructor. To help reach this goal, I attained a Master's degree in Aviation Human Factors. To further increase my knowledge, I decided to continue my studies by pursuing a PhD in Learning Design and Technology (LDT) at Purdue University. 

Through my year and a half in the LDT program, I have invested in two research interests. These are: 

  1. Competency-Based Education

  2. Human Performance and Project Management

Through the various class projects, I have realized that my end goal is to pursue a career in a corporate setting. I envision continuing to work in the aviation industry, being a team member in a training department or an instructional designer consultant for aviation companies. 

As I continue my PhD studies, I aim to continue learning more about both my research interests and the LDT industry. Through future participation in organizations, research projects, class projects, and job related projects, I hope to increase my knowledge and experience in this field.