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Lucero Duran Trinidad

Chief Flight Instructor - Purdue University
Graduate Student - PhD in LDT

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About Lucero

As a Latina professional and graduate student, I aim to become a role model to not only the Latino community, but women in general. I hope that through my studies and experiences, I will be able to reach this goal and many more.


Research Experiences

My research experiences up to date are limited to class projects. Although I've learned many skills throughout my studies, there is much I still have to learn.


Teaching Experiences

In my experience teaching undergraduate students, I have learned that everyone is different in they way they learn. I've learned to adjust my teaching strategies and methods to meet the students' needs.


Learning Design & Technology Experience

Through my PhD studies, I have gathered skills and abilities that have helped me become a better instructional designer. As I continue to work on projects, I hope to earn more experience.


Service & Leadership

My service and leadership experience has been towards my professional goals. This experience has been valuable to determine my end career. All that is needed now is to become more active with organizations that link to my research interests.


Contact Me

Hangar 6W
1581 Aviation Dr
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Office: 765-494-9972

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